Visit us at The Crouch End Gallery, Sandringham Gardens, N8 9HU

May 11/12th  12-6pm

Venue 31 on Crouch End Open Studios map

Andrea Kim Valdez will be showing her Ipad Drawings ‘Endangered Birds, the Grand Canyon and other Landscape
 Kim has spent time drawing the birds on her Ipad in London Zoo’s Blackburn Pavilion – and working up Ipad Prints from her
sketches of the Grand Canyon.

Jackie Lewis will show Ceramic Sculpture and Vessels
Jackie Lewis is preoccupied with the thrill of chance in her approach to the porcelain and stoneware sculptures she begins to create on her potters wheel. She builds and deconstructs allowing controlled accident and playfulness to bring about unexpected shapes that highlight movement, rhythm and volume. Inspired by the sounds and rhythms of music and the sea, Jackie’s sculptures elicit a sense of tension by being in a state of balance and flux. Her work is often at the point of self destruction and is restored to just teetering on the brink.