About Tania Durrant

Tania Scott Durrant

Having studied BA Fashion and Textile Design at Nottingham Trent, majoring in print, I have recently returned to this discipline in the much more relaxed and expressive area of Fine Art Printmaking.

My prints are inspired by walking and sketching in the beautiful, rolling Hertfordshire countryside and the dramatic landscape of the west coast of Scotland. I am often to be found getting up at 5.30 in the morning so as not to miss what promises to be a beautiful sun rise over the rolling English countryside.

I am inspired by landscape artists such as Kurt Jackson, Barbara Rae and Norman Ackroyd to produce fine art prints which quite often incorporate a variety of print disciplines in an attempt to capture the fragile atmosphere of the ever changing English landscape. I love the richness and depth of multimedia prints and have been known to remove what I thought was a finished print from its frame, to re print, paint or collage another layer on top!


About Lucie Green

Lucie Green

The work displayed here is inspired by the book ‘The man who planted trees’ by Jean Giono. The  theme of landscape and our relationship to it is the basis in these works. Although I have taken a more abstract approach at times, I have also used the idea of ‘man’ symbolically, creating a person in sharp black contrast to the abstracted mark making to symbolise landscape.

These prints are all made using relief printmaking methods with lino and wood, relying on mark making with colour and texture for capturing the essence of landscape. “A painterly approach to printmaking has always been central to my work.

I take my subject matter from my extensive travel experiences in Asia as well as the more immediate natural environment



About Tazia


Anafiotika by Tazia

Our pre -Christmas Exhibition featured four renowned printmakers and Tazia- an artist represented by Heart and Sold, a Community Interest Company that supports artists wth Downs Syndrome. The Gallery donated its commission on sales of Tazia’s work to Heart and Sold

A few years ago Tazia’s painting ‘Rupert Flying Over The Clifton Suspension Bridge’ was accepted by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge as a gift for Prince George’s nursery. This made worldwide headlines and drastically increased her fan base.

About Ann Burnham

Ann Burnham works from her garden studio, where she also runs regular workshops and classes in printmaking. She trained at Harrow School of Art and worked as a graphic designer for some years before becoming a full time printmaker. She exhibits regularly and has work in private collections in this country and abroad, and permanently on display at Greenwich Printmakers Gallery. She has exhibited at Bankside RE open, Society of Woman Artists at the Mall Galleries, Affordable Art Fair Battersea and Hampstead, as well as being prizewinner in the ‘Inspired by’ competition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Her prints are inspired by a fascination with the textures and patterns found in both the natural and man-made landscape around us, as well as a sense of mystery about where things may lead and where they may have originated. She enjoys the direct and rich mark making of the collagraph and monoprint processes, as well as the more precise methods of reduction lino-cut and etching, which probably re ect her graphics background.



About John Morgan

John Morgan creates large metal insects and plants as well as more abstract forms.
The insect sculptures reflect a fascination with the armour like qualities of these creatures.Overlapping sections of steel are beaten to give texture and form and tempered to introduce colour.
Recently John has completed a commission to make a cover for a large pond,
 taking inspiration from the structure of an insect wing.

About Fiona MacGregor


My favourite printmaking medium is wood engraving, on end-grain box or lemonwood. This allows for fine detail because the wood grain does not interfere with the image. It is a slow process, and quite unforgiving, so I find that a carefully worked-out drawing before committing to the block is the best way to proceed.

My work mostly reflects the area near my home in Hastings. So far it has been mainly landscape or buildings but my next project will be an interior. Places often change after the print is made: Adams Farm’s barns were demolished for road construction; trees are cut down or limbs removed. Thus they become records of the past.

I have previously exhibited at Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester.

About Michael Kirkbride

Hotel grounds, Cuba Michael Kirkbride at the Avondale Gallery

Michael Kirkbride NEAC

Michael studied at the Royal Academy and is a member of the prestigious New English Art Club. He exhibits regularly in the Royal Academy Summer show and the Mall Galleries.

In 2013 he won two major figurative awards: the David Messum Prize and the Doreen McIntosh Prize. In 2014 his painting Drawing class also won the second prize in the Curwen Gallery Painting prize. Mick also teaches drawing at RADA, the Royal Academy and the Insight School of Art. His paintings are about people, objects, styling and the subtle nuance of gesture.
For this exhibition for Avondale Gallery he produced a new series of watercolours made from observation of places visited over the last year.