About Jackie Lewis


I explore the qualities of clay to highlight movement, rhythm and volume. My  ‘blank canvas’ is a thin cylindrical form, from which I attempt to capture the fluid momentum of the clay as it spins on the wheel. Bands are cut from this and manipulated at a critical point during the drying process. The forms either stand alone or interlock using two or more strands.

I also make a range of functional ware…  mugs, bowls, vessels large or small for special occasions. I use porcelain and stoneware clays fired in an electric kiln in my Archway studio.

I graduated from the ceramics degree course at the University of Westminster and have exhibited ceramics in Galleries in Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Worcestershire, Pembrokeshire, Yorkshire. I have been an active member of the Crouch End Open Studios artists group since 2006.


About Judy Gilley

Judy Gilley

Judy Gilley’s paintings are bold semi abstractions. Topics range from domestic interiors and still lives, to depictions of ‘special’ places which hold emotional charge. Derbyshire and the Peak District are a recurring obsession because of their emotional associations.
Judy paints mainly in gouache for its vibrancy, often with oil pastel for its resist and texture qualities.
Judy has exhibited in galleries and shows in London, Derbyshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk including the Barnet Open at the artsdepot (2007 and 2012) the Medical Art Society’s Annual Exhibition at the Royal Society of Medicine (2011-2018) and the Camden Image and Strand Galleries with the North London Artists Network.. Her work has been selected for  the Derbyshire Open Exhibition (2015 and 2018). In 2016 she was a guest artists at the Dovedale Arts Festival, and took part in the Green Man Gallery  Spring Gathering in Buxton in 2018.

Judy’s work is in private collections in the UK, the United States, Australia and Spain.

About Andrea Kim Valdez


Andrea Kim Valdez is a sculptor, a digital artist, and a founder of the Crouch End Open Studios .

Kim’s sculpture is varied in both materials and concept, ranging from Installation, commissioned outdoor works, to smaller ceramic or wooden works, usually of a semi-abstract nature.

Her most recent sculpture explores the use of Fluorescent Acrylic sheet and some more can be seen on her website www.kimvaldez.co.uk

Kim draws extensively and her iPad ‘drawings’ arose from a time when, incapacitated by a broken wrist, she was temporarily unable to make sculpture and decide to follow David Hockney onto the Ipad.

All Kim’s work reflects her concern with the environment and her latest works were made at London Zoo, where she drew many endangered species. Her iPad works are available as Archival Inkjet Prints.


About Terry Brooker

Terry is a Sheffield based artist who studied at Hornsey Art College and Goldsmiths.
He has held numerous group and one person shows in London and Sheffield
We will be exhibiting both his latest acrylic paintings and ceramics.
Terry follows the development of his work and only stops when satisfied that the whole work
expresses vitality, vibrancy and surprise.

Visit Terry’s website brookerart.co.uk/

About Richard Peacock

Richard Peacock get lostwebI am a printmaker, working from studios in North London, making screenprints (on a press) and woodcuts (hand-printed with the aid of a spoon). My prints are always in small editions. My work combines geometric abstraction and pop art, with a love of colour and rhythm. For my screen prints I often make the stencil from pieces of commercial packaging, cardboard boxed carefully opened out and folded flat. This shape is then repeated in overlapping patterns. I sometimes incorporate words into my prints in poster-like images, relating to places I have visited or sources of inspiration.

About Martin Davidson

Stream - Martin Davidson

Stream – Martin Davidson


My work explores the rhythms and forms of the natural world. The printmaking work is a distillation of drawings from observation and photographs, the final image, a result of reducing the complexities to a more abstract and expressive graphic equivalent. I am also interested in the relationship between positive and negative mark making and the borderline between the figurative and the abstract.

About Jane Human

Fossil Beach by Jane Human

Jane Human is a painter and printmaker whose origins are in the East Anglian Fens, and whose main focus is landscape and the exploration of a sense of place. Jane creates her work by a unique process of painterly layering, utilising a 1940’s offset press, and is the result of many hours spent drawing and painting in different landscape environments.

Jane’s work is widely exhibited in the UK; she has been selected for numerous national exhibitions including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Royal Society of British Artists, NOAC and the Originals Print Shows. She has shown work with the Printmakers Council, and exhibits regularly with a small number of UK galleries and also at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. Her work is held in corporate and private collections in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA and Australia. Teaching roles have included Senior Lectureships at University of Northumbria and Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, plus occasional private tutoring.

About Mark Rochester



Mark Rochester trained at Central School of Art and since graduating has worked for over 30 years as a leading textile designer.
Mark has always sketched and painted, but in recent years, his return to his native North Devon has rekindled his interest in working from nature which has fuelled his passion for working ‘en plein air’ in some of Devon’s most breathtaking scenery.
Mark says:   “I am privileged to live right on the North Devon coast, with stunning views of the sea directly from my home and studio.  Whenever I can, and other commissioned design work allows, I try to get out there and really experience what I am painting at first-hand. My work consequently has a freshness and immediacy that I hope will be compelling.”

About Janet Gardner

Cockeral - Janet Gardner

Cockeral – Janet Gardner

I am an artist, specialising in dog portraiture and I have found that
printmaking techniques have allowed me to expand the way I can express the character of a dog and to experiment with different subject manner.
I have found it inspiring to discover the texture and depth of image
possible in printed image making.The various techniques including linoprint, collagraphs, screenprint and solar plate etching all have their own pleasures to me as an artist.
Recently I have been using my pencil sketches to form the basis for
solarplate etchings which has allowed me to add form and texture to the

About Carol Robson

carolrobson2webI approach print-making from a background of oil painting and portraiture, and a strong interest in the face and figure, and in capturing contemplative moments of experience or dynamic actions, like dance.

I employ a variety of print-making techniques (e.g. Lino printing, Dry Point Etching, Screen Printing, Mono printing and Solar plate etching ) and enjoy combining techniques to achieve different kinds of mark-making in the same composition. Cutting a lino block, for example, is particularly good for achieving bold, expressive marks and communicating an image forcefully. Dry point etching tools can be used to score marks that are like drawing with a needle, and the ink left on the plate as ‘plate tone’ can be similar to the tonal effects of painting. Combining the 2 techniques can create an image that is both powerful and subtle.

I produce variable editions, which explore some different effects of colour or mark-making in each print, even when the same block or plate has been used.

About Barbara Jackson

Paris Reflectionbarabarjackson


In my print work, I endeavour to capture an atmosphere using the play of light and shade, figures and architecture.
I usually work in the area of etching and aquatint -in which it is possible to show tonal values.
Working from back to front, light to dark, and timing the acid to provide the correct jumps in tone is always a test, and the combination of art and craft is what I find so challenging and exciting

About Sarah Garvey

S. Garvey-Paper Moonweb‘Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.’ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The reversal of image that occurs in printmaking is significant for me, creating a mirror world outside of time and place. I play with the idea that universal and infinite truths are best expressed using fugitive moments.
My images are constructed from drawings, film stills, vintage and contemporary snaps, which I cut and mark both digitally and manually.
I use multiple, graduated colour rolls on drypoint, etching and solar plates to create space. Next, Chine colles (glued papers) made from ephemera such as envelopes, old music, slips, snaps, tickets and tags to create another textural layer and often a little sparkle. Lastly the motifs are inked in black and printed over the other elements.

About Lydie Gallais



Growing up in France and being surrounded by Impressionists works has influenced me as an artist. As a printmaker, I love mixing colours and textures together to see how they interact. I also enjoy creating expressive marks to illustrate rhythm, movement and to transport the audience into my world. I am constantly experimenting and feel a certain freedom in doing so. My work hopes to awaken the senses through conveying feelings and emotions. I have studied at Camberwell College of Art and obtained a Masters Degree in Printmaking in 2003.

About Berry Birdsall

Berry Birdsall 6 year old violinist prints unwrappedwebMy prints vary widely in subject and technique, from dry point etching, to collagraph to silk screen. They are often cityscapes but I also portray interactions of children with the environment. I depict light, reflections and shadows. I want my artwork to catch a particular moment in that place and time.

For the last two years I have exhibited at the Gallery in the Crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields, in Trafalgar Square. I also have had a solo exhibition at the National Institute for Medical Research.
Originally from New York City, I pursued a long scientific career in Medical Research in London.

About Rob Verrill

Beginning a painting opens infinite possibilities of what could be. Switching between considered and more impulsive marks enables otherwise unlikely discoveries and developments. I make decisions about colour, shape, texture and line continually, altering the route to the outcome each time.
I’m interested in paint’s expressive possibilities. I work in a state of constant dialogue between abstraction and my subconscious sense of the body or place. Bursts of intense, instinctive painting and over-painting are interwoven with periods of erosion revealing material complexities, strata and ghosts of past layers. Paint is added and removed, sometimes simultaneously, in various ways and worked on at different stages of drying to utilise textural possibilities.