News from Lockdown

Judy and Kim have kept on working…

Judy Gilley writes : Like many other artists who planned to exhibit (and indeed all  who enjoy visiting exhibitions)  Covid restrictions have frustrated our best efforts. I have been painting new scenes in the Isle of Man and joined the island’s  Creative Network of artists but our island wide exhibitions in May have been cancelled. I’m hoping to be able to exhibit on return to Derbyshire this month.

Kim Valdez writes: I’ve been blogging about art, building Virtual Galleries and have just removed PrintsbyPost from this website and opened it as an Instagram Shop. A3 Archival prints from a selection of my iPad drawings are now available on for £99.00 including postage in UK.

Check out the art blogs on my website

Virtual Galleries:  Dance Continuum Ecos de Las Amazonas

Crouch End Gallery Joins Artistswalk Nov 15-Dec 14

After Dark’ 4.30 -6pm

Sandringham gardens N8

An early evening slideshow of Ipad drawings and sculptures by Kim Valdez. ( sample shown below)


Walk the Crouch End Map in the Magic Hour – check out the amazing illuminated stained glass doors and windows of Edwardian Crouch End -lots in Weston Park and Bourne Road, one street up from the Crouch End Gallery in Sandringham Gardens

Check out the huge variety of work as over 100 artists are showing their work, many of them in Crouch End.


Links to Explore

You may like to read Kim Valdez Blogs on Art

Links to the ‘Ecos de Las Amazonas’ Virtual Gallery

Links to the ‘Dance Continuum’ Virtual Gallery


Lockdown News- our Charity Art Event – Second edition

We have had more contributions from Artists and Guests of Front Room Art, including some from children. We have put them Top of the List!

A percentage of all sales go to Charity -we have painting, drawing, etching, photography, prints, quilts and mittens! Scroll down, click on thumbnails for larger view, look for a gift (or something for yourself). (more…)

Lockdown Newsletter

Have you made an artwork or a handicraft during Lockdown?

Lockdown has affected everyone differently, with many people in urgent need of financial support. We hope to show YOUR images in our next newsletter as a way to raise money for artists or Charities supporting those in need.

We invite all our Friends and Artists to send up to 2 images of any artwork/handicraft made this year for inclusion in the next Front Room Art Lockdown Newsletter and website post. You can offer your work for sale, with optional 20% Charity discount or as part of #artistsupportpledge.


Find Details Here, then save and Email before June 21 with up to two images to


About Jackie Lewis


I explore the qualities of clay to highlight movement, rhythm and volume. My  ‘blank canvas’ is a thin cylindrical form, from which I attempt to capture the fluid momentum of the clay as it spins on the wheel. Bands are cut from this and manipulated at a critical point during the drying process. The forms either stand alone or interlock using two or more strands.

I also make a range of functional ware…  mugs, bowls, vessels large or small for special occasions. I use porcelain and stoneware clays fired in an electric kiln in my Archway studio.

I graduated from the ceramics degree course at the University of Westminster and have exhibited ceramics in Galleries in Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Worcestershire, Pembrokeshire, Yorkshire. I have been an active member of the Crouch End Open Studios artists group since 2006.


Front Room Art is taking part in the Crouch End Open Studios May 11/12th 2019

Visit us at The Crouch End Gallery, Sandringham Gardens, N8 9HU

May 11/12th  12-6pm

Venue 31 on Crouch End Open Studios map

Andrea Kim Valdez will be showing her Ipad Drawings
‘Endangered Birds, the Grand Canyon and other Landscapes’  

        Kim Valdez has spent time drawing the birds on her Ipad in London Zoo’s Blackburn Pavilion – and working up Ipad Prints from her
sketches of the Grand Canyon.

Jackie Lewis will show Ceramic Sculpture and Vessels
Jackie Lewis is preoccupied with the thrill of chance in her approach to the porcelain and stoneware sculptures she begins to create on her potters wheel. She builds and deconstructs allowing controlled accident and playfulness to bring about unexpected shapes that highlight movement, rhythm and volume. Inspired by the sounds and rhythms of music and the sea, Jackie’s sculptures elicit a sense of tension by being in a state of balance and flux. Her work is often at the point of self destruction and is restored to just teetering on the brink.

4 PLUS 1 – Four Printmakers plus paintings and giclee prints by Tazia

Our pre -Christmas Exhibition featured four renowned printmakers and Tazia- an artist represented by Heart and Sold, a Community Interest Company that supports artists wth Downs Syndrome. The Gallery donated its commission on sales of Tazia’s work to Heart and Sold

Saturday and Sunday November 18/19 2017 11-5 pm
The Avondale Gallery

We held a ‘Meet the Artists’ event  with coffee and buns

Midsummer Festival in Avondale Avenue June 17th 2017 a Great Success!


The Festival presented an afternoon Programme of Art and Music with a sale of plants, tea and cakes and raised 1000.00 each for Medicins sans Frontieres and the North London Hospice.

From Left to right: Welcome to The Music Venue, The Show Garden, Art in the Avondale Gallery, Music in the Cakes and Teas Garden,the Finchley Chamber Choir perform in the Avondale Gallery, Butterfly Sculpture by John Morgan.

Mark Rochester ‘En Plein Air’ a great success!

Mark Rochester has exhibited widely in Devon where his paintings are well known and appreciated.

This year Mark had two paintings accepted for the 2016 RA Summer Exhibition – and because we had spotted his lovely work a couple of years ago we had already planned to bring him to London for a solo show – ‘En Plein Air’ held at The Crouch End Gallery on Oct 8/9th.

The Crouch End Gallery was delighted to show his arresting and beautiful painting and even more delighted that people flocked to Crouch End in order to see and to buy them!

On the Edge of Beauty- April 31-May 9 2016


Andrea Kim Valdez showed her acrylic sculptures at The Crouch End Gallery

Continuing the theme of the rainforest previously explored in her memorable room installation ‘Ecos de Las Amazonas’, Kim transformed The Crouch End Gallery into a suitable habitat for her latest ‘Live Edge’ acrylic sculptures featuring exotically coloured macaws and other work inspired by the plants and flowers of the rainforest.

Kim says ‘ The sculptures are made of a special acrylic sheet and exploit the power of this medium to catch normal daylight, making the colours glow along the edges. They can look even better under ultraviolet spotlights.’