Judy Gilley

Judy Gilley’s paintings are bold semi abstractions. Topics range from domestic interiors and still lives, to depictions of ‘special’ places which hold emotional charge. Derbyshire and the Peak District are a recurring obsession because of their emotional associations.
Judy paints mainly in gouache for its vibrancy, often with oil pastel for its resist and texture qualities.
Judy has exhibited in galleries and shows in London, Derbyshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk including the Barnet Open at the artsdepot (2007 and 2012) the Medical Art Society’s Annual Exhibition at the Royal Society of Medicine (2011-2018) and the Camden Image and Strand Galleries with the North London Artists Network.. Her work has been selected for  the Derbyshire Open Exhibition (2015 and 2018). In 2016 she was a guest artists at the Dovedale Arts Festival, and took part in the Green Man Gallery  Spring Gathering in Buxton in 2018.

Judy’s work is in private collections in the UK, the United States, Australia and Spain.