carolrobson2webI approach print-making from a background of oil painting and portraiture, and a strong interest in the face and figure, and in capturing contemplative moments of experience or dynamic actions, like dance.

I employ a variety of print-making techniques (e.g. Lino printing, Dry Point Etching, Screen Printing, Mono printing and Solar plate etching ) and enjoy combining techniques to achieve different kinds of mark-making in the same composition. Cutting a lino block, for example, is particularly good for achieving bold, expressive marks and communicating an image forcefully. Dry point etching tools can be used to score marks that are like drawing with a needle, and the ink left on the plate as ‘plate tone’ can be similar to the tonal effects of painting. Combining the 2 techniques can create an image that is both powerful and subtle.

I produce variable editions, which explore some different effects of colour or mark-making in each print, even when the same block or plate has been used.